Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tree savings contract for 100 euro monthly

You can sign a tree saving contract with us.You will pay monthly a number of trees that we'll plant for you after the signing of the contract. Here you can see an example of how that works :

 your monthly payment for 5 trees = 100 euro from 09/2011 until 09/2012 is a total of 1200 euro per year.You sign a tree saving contract for 5 years which means you will pay an amount of 100 euro monthly, during a period of 5 years, which is a total amount of 60 trees per year. After 2 years we will plant for you the whole amount of 300 trees which you will earn in the time of other  5 years. During this time your trees will grow before you pay all of them.

After the expiration of the 5 five years you will pay nothing else for the tree saving contract.You will just have to wait another 5 years and you will get 36000 euro. If your own trees are not growing how they should, we will give you other trees from our plantation to yours.Your not grown up trees will pass in our ownership and you will get the 120 euro per tree from our plantation.

So you will pay in 1 to 5 years 1200 euro each year, 100 euro each month and 6000 euro for the total period of 5 years.You wait the other 5 years and get 36.000 euro.You can always ask for a earlier payment in those 5 years so that you will not have to wait for the other 5 years but the income will be lower.We will pay earlier than the 10 years with an interest rate of 8% per year.The first earlier payment will be possible after 3 years from the beginning.

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