Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Special offer 10 Trees + 20%

We offer a bonus of 20%  for everyone who decides untill 31.05 2012 for one of our moods of earning.That means, for example - if you sign a contract for the minimum of 10 trees, you pay 10 trees and get the earnings from 12 trees.

10 Trees + 2 Trees

20 Trees + 4 Trees

30 Trees + 6 Trees

Your winning raises with 20%

This offer is available until 31.05.2012 (the date is the day that we have the money in our bankaccount)



Special rates for the minimum of 2000 euro

We can make any kind of  deal, if none of our offers  is interesting for you. We will try to find a solution and to help you according to your income.That means the deal will be stated in a contract from both sides and then you can start your own saving plan.We can also talk about flexible payment methods and we will try to offer you the best sollution. Just send an e-mail at: 



Tree pension from 150.000 euro

We offer a Tree pension for the investors that have about 150.000 euro.That means you will do an instant  payment of 150.000 euro and starting from  the next month you will get paid every month for whole lifetime with 1000 euro per month.

We invest you money in purchasing of land and planting paulownia  trees.

After 30 days from paying of the 150.000 euro we start to pay you monthly the pension of 1000 euro.The investor gets monthly the pension for his lifetime.In case the investor dies earlier (than 70 years old), the investor's heir will still get the money but not for his lifetime, just for 30 years.Please send an e-mail for more information at :



Tree savings contract for 100 euro monthly

You can sign a tree saving contract with us.You will pay monthly a number of trees that we'll plant for you after the signing of the contract. Here you can see an example of how that works :

 your monthly payment for 5 trees = 100 euro from 09/2011 until 09/2012 is a total of 1200 euro per year.You sign a tree saving contract for 5 years which means you will pay an amount of 100 euro monthly, during a period of 5 years, which is a total amount of 60 trees per year. After 2 years we will plant for you the whole amount of 300 trees which you will earn in the time of other  5 years. During this time your trees will grow before you pay all of them.

After the expiration of the 5 five years you will pay nothing else for the tree saving contract.You will just have to wait another 5 years and you will get 36000 euro. If your own trees are not growing how they should, we will give you other trees from our plantation to yours.Your not grown up trees will pass in our ownership and you will get the 120 euro per tree from our plantation.

So you will pay in 1 to 5 years 1200 euro each year, 100 euro each month and 6000 euro for the total period of 5 years.You wait the other 5 years and get 36.000 euro.You can always ask for a earlier payment in those 5 years so that you will not have to wait for the other 5 years but the income will be lower.We will pay earlier than the 10 years with an interest rate of 8% per year.The first earlier payment will be possible after 3 years from the beginning.

Tree adoption for 20 euro

You could acquire a paulownia tree for 20 euro.For 5 acquired trees you will get an OWNERSHIP TITLE. We plant your tree on our land and look after it for 10 years. In those 10 years you can acquire one or more paulownia trees.You can visit your trees. All of your trees will get a number and the number of them will be in the Title. If you’re interested in acquiring a tree, please send us  an e-mail at :

After 10 years every tree will be cut down and will be seld for wood and you will get 120 euro per tree.



The Plantation

Our first plantation will be near Arad, 60 km from Hungary.We bought 4 hectare for the plantation.

We will plant 600 trees per hectar. 

Arad is a very good geographic location, not hard  to reach, there are 550 km from arad to Bucharest, 500 km from Arad to Vienna and 300 km from Arad to Budapest.We have an airport in Arad or you cand easily use the airport of Timisoara.Timisoara is at a distance of 55 km from Arad.



Paulownia is a fast growing arboreal that originally from china is.It is planted in Europe since the Austrian – Hungarian imperial time.Originally it was planted just as ornamental tree but very fast there was discovered also the economical benefits of this tree.

The tree needs about 10 years to grow up and you can gain one meter cubic boards.
The wood can be used in building of ships ,airplanes,furniture but also for musical intruments.